Errors in location filtering

We’ve found an issue where the locations filter wont work unless you begin typing a location, and then select a location from the dropdown list. If you simply type one out and hit enter, it wont work to search. Hoping to have it fixed soon!

Why ANOTHER Escape Room blog?!

It’s a fair question.

There are already hundreds of Escape Room blog and authority review sites out there. Most of these sites have a lot more experience than we do, and can appreciate the subtle (and often the macro) nuances of different rooms/experiences better than we can. Blogs like Room Escape Artist have been a major inspiration to us and something that we still read daily.

This blog won’t be a place for reviews, but rather a place for us to make announcements about EscapeBase. Things like feature updates (for example, now we have a blog), new happenings here in Southern California, and just general thoughts and feedback from the EscapeBase community. Admittedly we’re still new to the scene, but it’s been a blast getting to meet so many of the folks that have made the Escape Room community what it is today.

We hope we can contribute and bring more people together in real space/time in high quality escape rooms, further reducing the gap that the internet and social media continue to widen between us all. EscapeBase is only as strong as it’s community of users, thank you for being a part of it and let us know how we can make it even more useful!

Happy Escaping,
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