About Escape Base


ESCAPE BASE was created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

I’m Brendan I started this site with my partner Brittany. During my 9-5 I work as Client Experience Director at ONTRAPORT and Brittany spends her time as a fundraiser for the SBCC Foundation. We both love our jobs but are massive escape room enthusiasts.

Our goal is to spread the love and help Escape Rooms become as mainstream as taking a trip to the movie theaters. By helping connect the community we think we can be a part of making it happen! More popularity means bringing more people together in the real world – bridging the gap that technology and social media continue to widen between real people in real space.

Not to mention, more popularity means more money in the community, leading to better quality escape games!

We’ve seen the thousands of posts in online communities with enthusiasts looking to connect and share reviews, advice, and and experience. We started Escape base because current review platforms all fall short. Yelp and Trip Advisor come close to filling the communities needs but fall flat for three reasons:

1. Most reviews are from first time Escapers.

a. There are a slieu of 5 star ratings simply because those reviewing don’t have a frame of reference or anything to compare the experience to.

2. They rate businesses, not rooms.

a. If you’ve been to more than one room you know it’s possible for any one company to have one amazing 5 star room, and another one that’s only three stars in the same location. Being able to search for individual rooms is very important when planning your next escape.

3. The most important details aren’t searchable/filterable

a. There are important details outside of rating that don’t get covered in a format that you can filter. For example, max group size, scare factor, and difficulty are all very important. IF you refuse to do scary rooms it should only take you one extra click to remove any rooms that are scary.

There are many other review sites for escape rooms out there but they provide a poor user experience and have few reviews – rendering the tools not very useful. We put community first and hope you enjoy Escape Base! Feel free to reach out to use with any bugs by emailing Brendan@EscapeRoomAccelerator.com

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